Transportation Engineering Services Projects


FAS 253 (IL 251) over SandyFAS 253 (IL 251) over Sandy Creek, Section 68 BR-1, Marshall County Illinois Department of Transportation, District 4

Removal and replacement of existing bridge structure (S.N. 062-0002). Performed design of TS&L plans, wrote Plan Development Outline and the engineering of the Plans, Specifications and Estimate final plans.  The new bridge will be a 77’-0” back to back of abutment, single span composite W33 Steel Beam Bridge.  SDIENGR Corp. was also responsible for the design of the approach roadway. The entire vertical profile at the bridge was raised about 2’-0”.  The roadway cross sections and the ditch profiles were improved for undisturbed drainage flow into the creek.

The abutments shall be supported by steel HP piles with specific pile capacity for each size shown in the Structure Geotechnical Report (SGR).  The estimated pile lengths shown in the SGR is 28.1 feet for each steel HP pile size.  The SGR also recommends the use of pile shoes so as to reduce the risk of pile damage during driving.

This project received an ACEC Award for Excellence for the innovative application of new or existing techniques in construction, incorporating a Low Water Runaround Crossing Scheme as part of Maintenance OF Traffic (MOT) for the local traffic of farm machinery during farming seasons.


Madison StreetMadison Street over Union Station Tracks SN 016-6265, Chicago, IL City of Chicago,- Department of Transportation

Phase II engineering services to prepare contract plans for the removal of the existing bridge carrying the Madison Street Viaduct over the Union Station Tracks and the construction of a proposed nine span replacement structure. Performed design task on Roads and Streets, Highway Structures (Typical), Traffic Signals, Location drainage, Traffic Studies, Safety Studies, Feasibility Studies, New Construction/Major Reconstruction and Route Survey.

This project received an ACEC Award for Excellence involving the micro-pile foundation and re-use of existing grade beams and caissons, which led to cost savings and minimized commuter disruptions. The use of galvanized steel beams minimized the need for future maintenance tasks.


Centennial Bridge over the Mississippi River, IL 92 and RRs Rock Island County, IL

Centennial Bridge over the Mississippi River, IL 92 and RRs Rock Island County, IL- Illinois Department of Transportation, District 2

Phase II engineering services  the preparation of bridge repair plans for the rehabilitation of the steel arch structure that carries US 67 (Centennial Bridge) over the Mississippi River, IL 92 and Railroads, between Rock Island, IL – Davenport, IA. The work consisted of structural steel strengthening and repairs, Expansion Joints repair, Aluminum Rail Repair, sidewalk repair, spot painting and substructure repair. Structure Designs, Inc. was responsible for the bridge inspections, which included rating of all components, evaluation of conditions and preparation of inspection reports which included summary prioritizing repairs. The use of ultra-sonic testing equipment to check steel thickness. Structure Designs, Inc. also prepared all the repair plans which include steel plate cut diagrams, splicing and bolting, reinforcing gusset plates, existing bolt extensions, weld details and other connection methods.


Ronald Regan TollwayRonald Reagan Memorial Tollway Reconstruction and Add Lane M.P. 131.0  (Finley Road) to M.P. 137.3 (Route 83) Illinois Tollway

Phase I & II engineering services for the preparation of plans, specifications and estimates. The scope of work included: rehabilitation, add lane reconfiguration and resurfacing of the toll highway.  Structure Designs, Inc. was responsible for performing detailed structural inspections on simple aluminum span trusses, aluminum cantilever trusses, Vierendeel type steel span trusses, Vierendeel type steel cantilever trusses, bridge mounted sign structures, Sign Panels, Telescoping Steel Sign Supports, Wood Supports, Breakaway Steel Sign Supports along the tollway. Structure Designs, Inc also prepared the summary prioritizing repairs, final plan details of the replacement sign panels, and the sign structures.


I-80 from Grundy County Line to US 30, Will County, ILI-80 from Grundy County Line to US 30, Will County, IL – Illinois Department of Transportation, District 1

Phase I/II engineering services for the improvement of I-80. Phase I studies included a long range as well as interim improvement needs of I-80.  Long range improvement included increasing lanes from two lanes to three lanes in each direction, while interim improvement included rehabilitation of I-80.  SDI ENGR Corp. was responsible for bridge inspection, evaluation and Bridge Condition Reports for the mainline and overhead bridges and the Des Plaines River truss bridge


I-280 airport Rd Interchange ReconstructionI-280/Airport Rd. Interchange Reconstruction, Phase II Rock Island County, IL. Illinois Department of Transportation, District 2

Engineering design services for the reconstruction of a two-lane road to five lanes and reconstruction of the existing FAI-280 interchange into a diamond with fully signalized intersections.  Completed TS&L, design and final bridge Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) of the following structures:

1.       I-280 Over Airport Road (SN 081-0146)- shown above

PS&E for replacement of twin interstate structures with three span 12.8M, 27.7M, 12.8M reinforced conc. deck on PPCB superstructure (1.3M I Beams).  Piers are set in rock with steel “H” pile abutments (existing steel piles).  Each structure is 13M wide and 53M in length on a 30º skew.

2.       Airport Road Over Mill Creek (SN 081-0147)

PS&E for replacement of existing two-lane structure with four lane, two span (2 at 36M) reinforced conc. slab on composite 1.6M pre-cast, pre-stressed bulb tee (integral abutments and capped shaft piers).  Foundation piers and abutments are drilled shafts.  Provides for sidewalk and bike path.  Structure width is 23M with a length of 74.3M on a 10º skew.  Extensive hydraulic analysis.

3.       Box Culvert (SN 081-0148) over an unnamed stream east of I-280 interchange. PS&E for replacement of structure.

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